Business Entrepreneurship

Business Entrepreneurship

  • Duration :

    10 Weeks

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  • Eligibility :

    Diploma / Graduate

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About the Course

Are you tired of your regular job? Are you thinking of starting a business of your own? Do you want to enhance your ability to create wealth? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to have control over your decisions? Are you a risk taker? Do you have a high expectation of yourself? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then all you need to do is to channel your energy in the right direction.
While passion is important for any business venture, the know-how is equally important for success. Many entrepreneurs who started out very passionate end up losing steam due to the fact that they do not have the proper entrepreneurial skills to make their business succeed. Entrepreneurship education is therefore key to a business growth and success.
According to research, entrepreneurship education contributed to the growth of firms especially smaller emerging firms. On average, emerging companies that employed entrepreneurship graduates had greater than five times, the sale and employment growth than those that employed non-entrepreneurship graduates. This means that taking an entrepreneurship course would definitely lead to an increased sale of your product or service.

Your Benefits of completing the Course
  1. It will enhance your ability to create wealth from your own business
  2. It makes you become a champion of innovation.
  3. It gives you the ability to create greater opportunities for yourself with advancing technologies
  4. It makes you self-sufficient and enterprising
  5. It gives you community understanding skills which is good for your business
  6. It enhances your business management skills
  7. It gives you an orientation to change that can help your business keep up with the ever changing times
  8. It gives you a better understanding of the market economy that your business must thrive in
  9. The education obtained leads to your ultimate personal growth
  10. Your decision making skills are improved
  11. It expands your creative thinking
  1. Starting your own business
  2. Successful Entrepreneurship
  3. Strategic Planning – Business Variables
  4. Strategic Planning – Competitiveness
  5. Strategic Planning – Plans & Process
  6. Strategic Planning – Goals & Actions
  7. Sales & Marketing
  8. Brand Management
  9. Secrets to Business Success
  10. Cash Flow Management
  11. Business Growth & Risks
  12. The Entrepreneur - 12 Subjects
  13. Empowering The Leader
  14. Unlocking Your Creativity
  15. Out of the box
  16. Building Self Esteem
  17. Negotiation Secrets
  18. Networking
  19. Customer Management
  20. Effective Workplace
  21. Discover Talents
  22. Crushing your Competition
  23. Secret Seven Formula
  24. Sales Super Star
  25. Getting Rich
  26. Communication
  27. The Corporate Ladder
Placement Opportunities

Start a New Business

Manage an Existing Business