Certified Destination Manager

Certified Destination Manager

  • Duration :

    13 Weeks Offline / 104 Hours Online

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  • Eligibility :

    Diploma / Graduate

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About the Course

Knowledge equals selling power in the travel industry, and the Destination Manager Program provides the knowledge you need to create the best itineraries for your clients.

To be a successful travel agent in the current market it pays to have a niche. This means becoming a destination specialist who knows everything you need to know about travelling to a select few countries or regions.

You want to be that amazing, super knowledgeable and helpful travel agent. And not just for the referrals. You want to ace client experiences and have them coming back to you for more.

Your Benefits of completing the Course
  1. International Certification from 26 Countries
  2. Get Hired as a Travel Manager in Reputed Travel Companies
  3. Global opportunities
  4. Work for Tourism Boards
  5. Get hired as Destination Specialists in Multinational Travel Organizations
  1. Destination Japan
  2. Destination South Africa
  3. Destination Spain
  4. Destination Fiji
  5. Destination Peru
  6. Destination Hongkong
  7. Destination Germany
  8. Destination Australia
  9. Destination Britain
  10. Destination Taiwan
  11. Destination Ireland
  12. Destination New Zealand
  13. Destination Wales
  14. Destination South Korea
  15. Destination Vancouver
  16. Destination Abu Dhabi
  17. Destination Antigua & Barbuda
  18. Destination Barbardos
  19. Destination Cayman Islands
  20. Destination Grenada
  21. Destination Qatar
  22. Destination St Vincent & Grenadines
  23. Destination Thailand
  24. Destination United States Virgin Islands
  25. Destination California Star
  26. Destination Yas Island
Placement Opportunities

Manager of an International Travel Company

International Tourism Boards

Sales Manager at Overseas DMC’s

Regional Sales Managers for International hotel chains