Course Reviews

Career Management

May 23, 2020

This course helped me to make my thoughts precise and clear. Most importantly, it made me realize, self-confidence is the most important key factor to succeed. if anyone want to know about "Successful Career Development"
I will recommend to join this course.

- Daniel Baboonga

May 22, 2020

It has opened my eyes to some certain aspects in career development that I didn't have the idea before especially on how mentoring is so important in career development.

- Ritesh Patil

May 20, 2020

I Really like this course, It has covered a variety of topics that are relevant for both young and veteran professionals. This has definitely added my value and gave me insights to understand workplace dynamics. A must attend for new professionals, fresh graduates or anybody who wants to get ahead in their career.

- Rachel Frost

May 20, 2020

This course is a must for all to actually be in the right job and develop a beautiful career. I enjoy every bit of it.

- Dhananjay Rathod

May 15, 2020

I have learned so much about career in general have this hass also helped to know what to do when i want to change career path.

- Vikas Sharma

May 13, 2020

Getting good insights on how individual can work towards their career goals and what steps they can take to achieve that.

- Shruti Shah

April 26, 2020

I loved this course, it was very objective and direct. I'm sure it will be very useful in my life as a student and as a professional.

- Ramesh Pillai

April 25, 2020

Great course! Lots of very applicable learning, but needs more interaction to gain even more benefit.

- Esther Armenteros

April 22, 2020

Great resources provided and insight that empowers you to have more ownership of your career path(s)

- Courtney Robert

April 20, 2020

This successful career development course is very beneficial in our career . Many things learnt by this successful career development course . Thanks to all the members .

- Shiny John

April 09, 2020

It's have been an honor leaning from this platform and a powerful course, I have gained alot of knowledge regarding becoming a successful career developer. It's have given me the ability to channel my focus on strength.

- Jim Thomson

April 07, 2020

This course is an eye-opener. I have learned and realized a lot. The talks and other supplemental materials are indeed helpful and enlightening. I hope more professionals and professionals-not-yet enroll in this course. Every bit of it is essential.

- Philip Thangachan

April 02, 2020

A great course I've ever done. It is really helpful for people want to develop their career sites and walk alone with the team of leadership.

- Lissy Thomas

April 02, 2020

Excellent course. I wish we had more accurate material like this in other coaching centers.

- Shravan Thakore

Travel & Tourism Entrepreneurship

May 09, 2020

Very valuable course. I got this course because I am exploring this career and want to make the most and best informed decision as possible before I begin and I absolutely found this helpful. She was easy to listen to and easy to watch. Very pleased with the course

- Rutuja Sharma

May 09, 2020

I found the whole course illuminating from an Australian context, comprehensive in all lecture contents and case examples! Fantastic salient information for those who want to start their own private agency! Moreover, I have enjoyed Carolyn Goldstein lectures, which I found very insightful and stimulating!

- Denzil Alamo

May 09, 2020

I'm really enjoying this class. I've been wanting to start my own agency since highschool, but didn't know where to start. Getting some tips, advice and pointers from an actual agent who's been the the industry for years has been great help to me. I can't wait to continue learning and then get started with my agency!

- Kavita Krishnani

May 11, 2020

This was a wonderful course the introduction to becoming a talent agent was easy to catch and understand wonderfully done.

- Kelly James

May 03, 2020

I've read numerous trades' articles and movie industry books, but I felt as if I learned even more from these lectures.

- Dhanraj Patil

May 08, 2020

Good for basic and beginner, would be more interested to know more of the North American basis instead of American, but it's a very good course, easy to understand and educate myself.

- Brijesh Thakkar

May 03, 2020

I especially loved the contract and payment discussions because I was a bit confused by how all of those work.

- Swetha Purohit

May 03, 2020

I recommend this course to people wanting to learn more about how talent agents conduct their business.

- Radhika Talwar

May 03, 2020

so far I'm interested the speaker kept me up to date with what I need to know to become a agent

- Chetan Gandhi

May 02, 2020

I absolutely loved the course and instructor. I learnt a lot and found the instructor engaging, He kept my attention all the way through.

- Shefali Shah

Apr 28, 2020

Great teacher and great information that you can take with you to start interning or working within a casting agency anywhere in the world. You just learned the basics!

- Deepshikha Ahuja

Apr 28, 2020

Decent how-to material and specific, as-advertised. Instructor was clear and engaging in his presentation style. Perhaps this should be separated into two courses, one for becoming an agent and another for getting representation.

- Pinal Patel

Apr 24, 2020

Good info, wish they had more detailed step by step directions

- Catherine Paul

Apr 24, 2020

Love the way you explain things, very direct and not wasting of time at all. Definitely Worth it.

- Sundeep Raj

Apr 27, 2020

So far, so good. I love the instructor's delivery of information and how the videos have been divided into segments.

- Aida Shanon

Apr 24, 2020

This course has a ton of useful information, I consider it a must for anyone looking to break into the business.... the proper way.

- Dilip Saxena

Apr 24, 2020

Very informative and motivating.

- Jerry C Varghese

Apr 24, 2020

I absolutely love it, definitely more than I expected. The information provided is so detailed and succinct, its like being told the finer details of being an agent.

- Paul Sanders

Apr 24, 2020

I'm loving this and as a new Agent this is really great information so far

- Thomas Dsouza

Apr 24, 2020

Informative for people wanting to get into the industry in helping talent be successful.

- Dimple Shah

Apr 15, 2020

I love the basic breakdown of the meanings of terms...

- Shikar Purohit

Apr 13, 2020

Good inside industry information. Well presented.

- Rajesh Diwan

Apr 11, 2020


- Ginny Dmelo

Apr 11, 2020

Good inside industry information. Well presented.

- Rajesh Diwan

Apr 03, 2020

It's quite informative and simple to follow

- Rupendra Singh

Apr 03, 2020

i love all the information. Very helpful

- Kinjal Desai

Apr 02, 2020

The instructor is engaging and from my perspective... knowledgeable...

- Jalpa Patel

Apr 02, 2020

Very well spoken and very informative

- Angel Coutinho

Mar 28, 2020

very helpful and informative so far

- Gina

Apr 02, 2020

In depth, affordable course! Excellent for beginners!

- Hetal Shah

Mar 28, 2020

It's quick and simple information. Not a bunch of empty words.

- Hazel D

Mar 26, 2020

The course is easy to follow and informative.

- Sushant Sinha

Mar 28, 2020

Good stuff but wish you would elaborate more on certain things you mentions. Also video quality could be better.

- Daniella Rodney

Mar 26, 2020

I loved that He is very personable and explains each resource.

- Pearl Vaz

Mar 25, 2020

He is very informative

- Gordon Paul

Mar 25, 2020

This is so helpful. I wish there was also a book published

- Mandeep Singhal

Business & Leadership Courses

May 24, 2020

This course helps you to know how things works from scratch till the bottom end.How everything works and how one should handle every situation.I'm glad that I did this course and will recommend others to do so.

- Kaushik Bose

May 22, 2020

Great course. I have more questions than answers after this course, which is great! Very nice over all introduction on a company life.

- Jeetu Shah

May 21, 2020

he course is amazing, the materials are simple, the examples are chewable and all abbreviations is repeated so you don't forget. This gave be a huge appetite to learn even more about business and accounting.

- Christopher Andrews

May 18, 2020

I wanted to develop an understanding of how to start and grow a business within a short period of time and this course was really helpful. Thanks!

- Edemnie Ramos

May 18, 2020

To the point content, easy to understand many business concepts that one should know if getting into own venture. It was wonderful.

- Erwin Sayag

May 13, 2020

I'd love to have this guidelines for my work career and improve myself and making more money and own my business, i think this course will help me a lot

- Roland Magos

May 06, 2020

Simple and yet so amazing. Mentor is extremely kind and is extremely humble. I enjoyed this course and if you are interested in business then you should take it too.

- Ranjeet Singh

May 06, 2020

Very easy to understand materials for helping you learn all the basics of business and possibly starting you own. Would recommend to anyone.

- Ratan Jawahar

May 13, 2020

I like the course. it's not what i was expecting, it's actually what i didn't know i was looking for. All questions i have about company valuation mixed with personal development and characteristics required to succeed. loved it.

- Rose Lynn

Apr 29, 2020

Looking at the intro it appears to be the course that will upgrade my skills for betterment of my career and company growth.

-Manoj Nair

Apr 27, 2020

I really enjoy the course. It took me into a different world. And I love the additional resources and the material

- Ranveer Singhani

May 05, 2020

This was such a great course. I'd been wavering on the first chapter for ages and I'm so glad I worked my way through it. Thank you for putting this together

- Manu Kumar

Apr 27, 2020

This was an amazing experience. Jeetu is so passionate about teaching and it shines through in every single topic he teaches. He made the lessons as applicable to real life as possible. In all it was an amazing experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

- Julius Rufino

Apr 24, 2020

This course is an eye opener and a great tool to have ! It takes you through key concepts of successfully managing your business and explains financial fundamentals in very simple and logical terms ! I would highly recommend it for young entrepreneurs with great ideas

- Payal Motwani

Apr 24, 2020

this course was exactly what i needed. i have been procrastinating in pursuing my own business and being more innovate. i did not know where to start, but this course has taught me not to be afraid to ask and seek successful business people as mentors. Thank you

- Sandhya Kumar

Apr 23, 2020

It was a great lecture. It covered a variety of topics. But, above all it was quit helpful with respect to building self-confidence and triggering one on self-promoting and goal accomplishing.

- Tom Dumar

Apr 22, 2020

so far so good, everything is very well explained and easy although this is a very small course, but it definitely highlights the basics every business person needs to know about and also increases confidence. thank you so much.

- Abbey Vergara

Apr 24, 2020

Taking this course was an enriching experience. I'm really grateful to Jeetu for teaching all the concept in such an easy manner. Would recommend people to take advantage of this course to give their life a turning point and get confidence to do what your are passionate about...

- Arlene Collado

Apr 22, 2020

The course was great. I had very little business knowledge but I could understand and follow simply throughout the course.

- Ronalyn Abero

Apr 20, 2020

It's been insightful. I am challenged to be better, I have learnt so many things that will be useful in my career.

- Julieta Zacarias

Apr 15, 2020

This course is simultaneously simplistic and covered at the same time! I really enjoyed time going through it while getting new knowledge. My best wishes and gratitude to the Author.

- Dinkar Pawar

Apr 11, 2020

It a excellent course , I got many interesting and useful information from this which is surely going to help me in my job and business in future.

- Anju Ramesh

Apr 11, 2020

This course, material, mentor everything is just awesome. Very much happy to join the course which is having practical things than just theory. Amazing...!

- Baldev Kapoor

Apr 13, 2020

I recommend this course to everyone who wants to start a business or a startup. This course covers everything related to business, pros and cons that you come across running your business.

- Pooja Zaveri

Apr 03, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, i would appreciate it if there were attached files that could help practice our skills.

- Nicky Kulin

Apr 02, 2020

Found the Course exceptionally helpful, even for a novice it definitely broadened my understanding on the subject.

- Seema Shekhar

Apr 03, 2020

A very good simplify explanation! Well this is a total new course for me as i graduated in medicine and learning about business never been easy.

- Riya Singh

Apr 02, 2020

It was great. I'm currently a computer science student and this has given me an overview of what it'll take to start a business in tech.

- Bunty Ahluwalia